Setup of a geyser

What is needed in order to install a gas water heater:

  1. It is important to comply with the requirements and regulations for placement; 
  2. The ceiling is not lower than 2 m in height; 
  3. The diameter of the chimney opening is at least 12 cm (or 12 mm); 
  4. The kitchen area from 7.5 sq m; 
  5. The unit is fixed only on a wall made of concrete or refractory bricks (ordinary red or silicate white brick); 
  6. The first step is to install a gas shut-off valve.

What you need to install a gas water heater in a private house

  1. It is forbidden to install a gas water heater on a wooden wall, a wooden house; 
  2. The material of the bearing wall is only reinforced concrete, brick, or possibly a durable gas block; 
  3. The area of the room must be not less than 15 square meters;
  4. Placement height from the floor level is not less than 1 meter; Ceiling height of 2 m or more;
  5. Connection to cold and hot water outlets; 
  6. Connection to the mains. If necessary, the plug and electric cable are installed; 
  7. Installation of filters from the scale.

How much does it cost to install a gas water heater?

The price may vary depending on the size and power of the gas water heater, installation conditions, and the complexity of the work being done. If it is necessary to carry out additional installation work (for example, laying pipes, chasing in concrete, etc.), the price may increase.

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Replacing the gas water heater

We carry out the replacement of a gas water heater in a private house and apartment only by prior agreement with the client. It is possible to replace a gas water heater with a gas boiler, or an electric boiler within one working day. In most cases and in the absence of force majeure, about 8-10 hours of continuous operation is sufficient:

  • 1-2 hours: dismantling of the old gas water heater;
  • up to 1 hour: preparation of a place for the installation of a new water heater;
  • up to 30 minutes: drilling the necessary holes for canopies;
  • up to 1 hour: installation of an electric, gas heater on the wall;
  • up to 2 hours: connection of the electric heater to the water system and power supply.

How the installation of the gas water heater is taken place. Connection steps 

If you first need to remove the old gas water heater, then first the master dismantles the old gas water heater.

After that, he prepares the wall for fixing the new one: 

  1. The plumber installs fasteners in the wall (drills holes, hammers dowels into them, screws in self-tapping screws, studs, etc.);
  2. If the type of wall is combined and requires a deeper fit of the fastening hooks, anchors are used;
  3. Mounts water supply – bring pipes to connect to the gas water heater. Pipes are usually either polypropylene or metal-plastic (they practically do not work with metal today);
  4. Brings the gas pipe to the gas water heater by mounting (attaching) a flexible rubber hose with a protective coating of woven metal;
  5. Fixes the corrugation – a flexible exhaust pipe for exhaust gases;
  6. Connects the power supply; 
  7. Performs the initial launch of the gas water heater;
  8. Checks for water leaks, gas leaks, carbon monoxide removal, and electronics operation;
  9. Sets the economical mode of operation of the heating unit;
  10. Instructs residents on the correct use and operation of the device in order to maximize the life of the device without the need for preventive maintenance, cleaning the gas water heater, flushing and purging.