Setup of suspended ceilings

Order stretched ceilings installation

You can order the installation of stretched ceilings around the city in our company. It is possible to call the stretched ceilings installation master right on this page. In order to leave a request, call the contact number listed on the page. The operator will take your order and answer every question. Agree on the day and time of arrival of a team of craftsmen, and specify the cost of work (the price of stretched ceilings is one of the best). We also provide a full guarantee for the entire range of installation and fixing work.

Stretched ceilings of any type and complexity of various designs, and sizes, and with the introduction of creative visual elements.

What are suspended ceilings?

Stretched ceilings are becoming increasingly popular in the repair of residential buildings. This is due to the fact that the design does not need long preparation and installation. There are a wide variety of options on the market. But in order to understand whether such a suspended ceiling system is suitable and what type of material to choose, you should familiarize yourself with the features of installation, design, and exterior design.

The main part of the structure is a canvas made of a material of different densities. It is tightly pulled on a pre-installed frame. You can do one level or several. It all depends on the preferences of the customer. Color combinations, various textures, and the ability to get a neat, uniform,  or figured surface make suspended ceiling systems in demand.

The advantages of the product include:

  1. Stretched ceilings can be done not only when performing a full repair. At any time, as soon as you get tired of the old design of the room, you can replace it with a new one.
  2. With a single-level design, installation is fast: only 2-3 hours. With a multi-level system – up to 6 hours.
  3. A dense PVC fabric is able to protect in case the neighbors flood from above. The strength of the material allows it to withstand large amounts of water. The canvas can be re-stretched, and no traces of leakage will be visible.
  4. The long service life of stretched ceilings does not require careful maintenance. It is enough to periodically wipe from dust. With careful handling, they will last up to 15 years.
  5. Under the structure, you can hide the unevenness of the concrete ceiling, wiring, or other communication elements.
  6. Product safety. Eco-friendly materials allow the use of stretch fabrics in children’s rooms.

The use of stretched ceilings systems is not recommended for large spaces, since the maximum width of the material for PVC is up to 3 m, and for fabric – up to 5 m. Sagging of the structure is also possible, with a large area.

Stretched ceilings installation process

It is better to entrust the process of installing suspended ceiling systems to companies that specialize in this. The quality and service life of the structure will depend on this.

In the first stage, the design of the stretched ceilings is developed. This is especially true for structures of a complex type (starry sky, from two or more tiers, unusual shapes or figures). Masters take measurements and discuss with the customer his preferences and wishes. Based on the data obtained, a finished canvas is ordered in production.

After that, master marks around the perimeter are those places where the frame will be attached. The profile is fixed with self-tapping screws, it is possible to use plastic dowels.

On a note!

During the work of the master, metal detectors are used, with the help of which they determine at what depth the wiring or communication pipes are located in the wall. Due to this, they will know where they are, and will not damage them.

Once the profile is installed, the fabric is stretched over it using a heat gun, if it is a film. First, the canvas is fixed in the corners, and then along the entire perimeter. If there are several levels, then the procedure is carried out in several stages. In the case of the starry sky, you must first install the generator. It is mounted on a specially prepared platform above the main level. Fiber optic strands or LEDs that come from the generator are fixed with silicone glue.

The duration of the installation is affected by the level of complexity of the design and the size of the room where the work is carried out. For example, if an area of ​​20 m² with a one-level project, installation takes 4 hours. Perhaps longer if you need to install a lot of fixtures. When constructing from two levels, several days are needed.