Sewer renovation

If you have an urgent problem with pipes, please notify us first and only then read the information below. The sooner repair measures are taken, the cheaper and with less loss, the solution will be.

The technologies of the past will soon go into oblivion. So, cast-iron sewer pipes have not been used for the installation of water pipes for a long time, but in multi-story apartment buildings, repair and replacement of cast-iron sewage standpipes are increasingly required. Cast iron itself is a very strong and reliable material, but over time it becomes brittle, microcracks appear in it and holes form through which an unpleasant odor seeps. This is especially true of sewage standpipes in the toilet, in the kitchen.

Replacing the sewage standpipe in the apartment

Replacing a sewage standpipe in an apartment is very troublesome and requires all the skills of a plumber. With your own hands and on your own, it is almost impossible to safely and correctly replace a cast-iron standpipe with a plastic one. And the question is not only the availability of the necessary skills and appropriate tools. The difficulty lies in providing preparatory work and taking into account all sorts of nuances. Since in a multi-story building the porch apartments are connected together by one common sewage standpipe (thick drain pipe), it is in no way possible to repair the standpipe without the participation of neighbors. At a minimum, you will have to turn off the water in the basement immediately along the entire porch, or at least the standpipe. Also, neighbors from above and neighbors from below will be involved in the replacement of pipes. The ideal solution would be to bring a little polypropylene pipe (or metal-plastic) 20 cm into the neighbors’ room. In this case, any risks from a possible leak in the area of ​​panel ceilings are eliminated. This is the most unpleasant thing that can happen – a hidden pipe leak between floors.

Today, professionally, quickly, and inexpensively, you can change the sewage standpipe in an apartment without leaving your home. Our company performs urgent sewer repairs of any complexity and for any type of breakdown.

How much does it cost to replace a sewage standpipe?

As already discussed above, it depends on the complexity of the dismantling and installation of a new one, on the materials used, and the price of replacing a sewage standpipe differs very much. The installation of PVC pipes (polyvinyl chloride) at the moment seems to be the most in-demand due to affordability and, at the same time, a sufficient level of reliability and service life. Relatively easy to install and solder.

Metal-plastic pipes and especially cast-iron pipes are somewhat different in price. But today almost no one works with the latter, it is a material that has outlived its time. In addition, the cost of installing a cast-iron standpipe is higher.

Prices in the plumbing services market have a wide range. But the cost is usually determined by the amount and complexity of installation work and the requirements for the qualification of the master.

What you need to replace the sewage standpipe in the house

So, what is needed to change the sewage standpipe in the room:

  1. Pipe of the appropriate diameter;
  2. Revision, possibly more than one (for the possibility of cleaning the riser);
  3. Cross (or ordinary branch);
  4. Rubber cuff;
  5. Compensation pipe;
  6. Shaped pipe;
  7. Pipe fasteners;
  8. Powerful professional puncher;
  9. Plumb;
  10. A hammer;
  11. Mandrel;
  12. Sealant;
  13. Screwdriver;
  14. Craftsmanship is the most important.

For you today, changing the sewage standpipe in the apartment is not a problem at all! You ask: “how long does it take to change the standpipe in the apartment”, – often no longer than one working day. And this is a case if you need to perform a full package of installation and dismantling works throughout the apartment. If the local task is to replace the cold water standpipe, the price and time of work are significantly reduced and usually no more than 2, in rare cases 3, hours of professional intervention is enough.